Frequently Asked questions

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How can I start a new todo list?
If you don't want to use your current todo list anymore you can go to 'settings' (cogwheel bottom-left corner) and select 'clear all'.
This will clear all todos, leaving you with a fresh start.
How can I share a todo list?
If you want to share a todo list, you must first enable cloud synchronization (see below). Once you've enabled cloud sync, you can just share the syncId and you'll be sharing that todo list.
How can I synchronize todos between devices?
If you want to synchronize a todo list between devices, you must first enable cloud synchronization (see below). Once you've enabled cloud sync, enter the syncId in the app on every device.
How can I store my todos in the cloud?
By default, todos are only stored locally, in your browser. To enable cloud storage, first request a syncId (click on the cloud icon in the bottom-right corner of the app and click 'request syncId').
Once you've received your syncId, simply copy-paste it into the syncId field and your todos will be synchronized to the cloud.
Why is the cloud icon changing colors (blue, grey, green)?
When cloud synchronization is enabled, the color of the cloud icon indicates the synchronization status:
  • grey - synchronization is in not enabled
  • flashing blue - synchronization is in progress
  • green - your todos are in sync
What does the 'Desync' button do?
The Desync button basically disables cloud synchronization. Any changes to your todos won't be synchronized to the cloud.
What about my privacy?
By default, stores your todos locally (in your local storage). This means that only the person using that browser will ever see your todos.
If you're sharing your desktop and browser sessions with someone else, be aware that your todos will be viewable by everyone with access to your browser.

If you've enabled cloud synchronization, your todos will be stored on our servers. Please be aware that anyone with your syncId will be able to see your todos, so make sure you only share it with people you trust.
Is free?
Yes, is, and always will be, free. I might charge for some premium features at a later stage. If that ever happens, I will make sure to communicate this very clearly.